At Collectability, we take great pride in our scholarship of all things Patek Philippe and nothing gives us more pleasure than to learn new insights from others. In this in-depth study of the iconic luxury Patek Philippe ref. 3940 replica watch, our Italian friend Federico Muggia, @fedoclock, dives deep into the differences between each production series. We welcome Federico and hope you enjoy the read as much as we do.

The alluring charm of the caliber 240 long ago grabbed a hold of my imagination and led me inevitably into the wonderful world of the ref. 3940. I could only surrender. Thus, began a personal journey through the available literature. I wanted both to learn and to contribute.

The following article is a response to what I know to be true. There are many of you who want to deepen your knowledge and delight in both the small details and the main features of the gold case copy Patek Philippe ref. 3940.

This research is based on thoroughly verified sources. No research is ever exhaustive. The door is always open to discoveries which make themselves known in unexpected ways. Those who want to make further contributions are welcome as long as these are the result of serious research and whose provenance is reliable.
It was 1985. The Swiss watch industry was in full crisis. The quartz revolution was running rampant through the mechanical watch industry. This was a potential death blow to the beating heart of the Swiss economy. The belief that the mechanical watch was becoming obsolete ran through the manufactures, with the consequence that the investment into complicated or innovative mechanical timepieces virtually stopped. This was the world in which the ref. 3940 and ref. 3970 were simultaneously born: inauspicious births indeed. The ref. 3940 was historical because it was both highly complicated and in terms of copy Patek Philippe production ‘mass-produced’ as part of the main collection. There was something perplexing about the timing of its introduction in the midst of the quartz revolution, but the timing turned out to be perfect. The aesthetic content of the quartz movement, hidden by its microscopic dimensions, was no match for the easily discernible and visual aesthetics of superior mechanical movements. The market was again discovering the value of mechanical watches. The ref. 3940 represents a milestone in how far the Geneva manufacture has come. It is no coincidence that Philippe Stern, while having the privilege to wear any Patek Philippe watch, selected the ref. 3940 as the watch he would wear every day.

The release of the white dial Patek Philippe ref. 3940 replica is also associated with the celebrated Beyer Chronometrie, Switzerland’s oldest watch retailer (since 1760) with headquarters in Zurich. Philippe Stern released the ref. 3940 to coincide with the 225th anniversary of the eponymous retailer and show support for his close friend Theodore Breyer. The first 25 models of the ref. 3940 were made with customized and numbered dials for Beyer. Numbers 1 to 15 have a German dial, while numbers 16 to 25 have an English dial. They were delivered to Beyer in May 1985. Appropriately, the first model with 770.001 movement and German N ° 1 dial was given to Theodore Beyer.
The second piece with movement number 770.002 and German N ° 2 dial sold to an important collector, Eugen Gschwind, on 9 July 1985. Today it is kept in the Patek Museum in Geneva. Nothing is known about the third with movement number 770.003 and N ° 3 dial and the subject of Beyer Chronometrie advertising as seen below.

I thought it was proper to apply a classification to the production of the ref. 3940. Four distinct series can be identified. The first series was produced from 1985 to 1987/88, the second from 1988 to 1989/90, the third from 1989/90 to 1995/96 and the fourth from 1995/96 to 2007.


The dials or quadrants for the ref. 3940 were produced by Fabrique de Cadrans Stern Frères, better known today as Stern Creations. Charles and Jean Stern were dial manufacturers in the early 1900s and were considered one of the best dial manufacturers, so much so that Fabrique de Cadrans Stern Fréres was the exclusive supplier to Swiss made fake Patek Philippe. During the Great Depression, knowing the prestige and legacy of the Geneva manufacture, the Stern brothers bought Patek Philippe in 1932. The rest, as they say, is history.

FIRST SERIES DIALS (1985 – 1987/88)

The first series dials were much more difficult to produce than the beveled versions produced later, which could explain the reduced production numbers and consequent rarity of this series. In the first series dials, the day and month indicators are located on the surface of the main dial, while the day/night and leap years are located within the grooves as can be seen below.
Close examination of the first series dials reveals that the revered words “PATEK PHILIPPE” are found with more or less accentuated graces. Another relevant aspect is the word “GENEVE.” All the dials of the first series have the grave accent above the second “E” of “GENÈVE” which we will see disappear starting from the second series.
Above is an original Swiss quality copy Patek Philippe ref. 3940 first series dial. Below is a factory reprinted first series dial. Note the larger font and the absence of the accent on Geneve.
A comparison of the photos of the original dial with that of the reprinted dial above, immediately reveal important differences. Both the grave accent on the second “E” of “GENEVE” and the graces on the fonts are absent or very coarse. The font of the calendar numbers is obviously different. The “7” being particularly different. Furthermore, if we carefully look at the signature “PATEK PHILIPPE” and the writing “GENEVE” it is clear that the latter takes on different proportions. In the original, the “G” in GENEVE begins below the middle of the “E” of “PATEK” and the last “E” of ends matches the second “I” of “PHILIPPE”.

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Nothing says comfortable, slim classic haute horlogerie quite like the AAA perfect replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. The 41mm 15500 is good enough to not only be your anniversary watch, but the mythical “forever watch”, the one that you’ll actually cherish long enough to get a few hairlines on, keep it serviced and pass onto the next generation.

Steel Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500 Watch

The automatic movement is as exquisite as it is reliable, while the bracelet and case is the most angular of the iconic integrated bracelet group of luxury sports watches, with the bold octagon bezel leading the eye onto that tapisserie dial. Whether in a classic black or the eye-catching dark blue, the machined perfectionist pattern is begging to be examined through a loupe. With a distinctly svelte 10.4mm thickness and the drape of the decisively striated brush on the steel bracelet, you will struggle to replace it on the wrist. It’s that comfortable.

Black Dial Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 15500 Watch

For her present, I propose the even more svelte 33mm reference, in a scarcely believable 7mm thickness due to its Swiss quartz movement. If you think she might miss the beauty of bridges, balance wheel pirouettes and Côtes de Genève, splash out on the solid gold version, I dare you.

Interview With Jack Heuer: “Time Never Stops, Why Should We?” – Luxury Swiss TAG Heuer Replica Watches

Jack Heuer: I studied and graduated from ETH Zürich, in micro technics, in 1958. I was planning to work for one of the big consulting agencies in the USA. I was not really into the family business as it felt too narrow for my wishes and hopes. But I made a deal with my father: I would study the ropes of the business for one year and decide then. After all, our family company had been in business for almost a century when this conversation took place.

You have guessed the conclusion of my year of observation: it was a massive “go for it” on my side, and my father had never been happier. My uncle was relieved too that the Heuer company would remain in the family for another generation.
In 1960, during the Monte Carlo Grand Prix, you noticed that 60% of the drivers were using Heuer Dashboard Chronographs. A few years later, you started to name best quality copy TAG Heuer watches with motorsport-inspired names. How did this idea come to you?

Actually, it is a family tradition to christen our replica timepieces. My father realized that naming the watches creates a bond with the customers, and it is easier to talk about a name rather than a number. So, I kept this tradition. Think about the Mikrograph, the “Time of Trip,” and the Autavia. Since our brand, Heuer, fit so well with racing, it was only natural to go for names that bear this flavor.
In 1970, McQueen starred in the “Le Mans” film and one of his iconic Monacos was recently auctioned for $2.2m. Any interesting stories there? How did your relationship with McQueen start?

It was a stroke of luck that drove Heuer and, more specifically, the blue dial fake TAG Heuer Monaco to the middle of the Le Mans movie. The Calibre 11 automatic chronograph movement had been launched in 1969 in three collections: the Carrera, Autavia, and Monaco. The first two were selling well, but the Monaco was a bit behind.
With sales being a bit slower, I had more stock than I liked. So, when the property master for the film called me, I was able to send him six Monacos plus a few stopwatches, instead of one Carrera and one Autavia.

The watchmaker who delivered them directly to Le Mans was caught at the border because we had no time to fill out the proper customs paperwork. He even ended up using all of his money to pay a large fee! As he was super smart, he had succeeded in hiding the cheap fake timepieces from the customs officers and continued on his journey to the movie set.
What do you think when you see high quality replica TAG Heuer today, and where do you see the brand in 10 years?

UK Swiss Replica TAG Heuer Partners with Bamford Watch Department for New Aquaracer Bamford Limited Edition

Last month, we had the opportunity to take a look at the new Laureato Ghost Limited Edition, a special piece produced by Girard-Perregaux in collaboration with Bamford Watch Department. Now another collaborative project teams another Swiss watchmaker, TAG Heuer replica, with that selfsame London-based timepiece customization house to create the new cheap fake TAG Heuer Aquaracer Bamford Limited Edition. Actually the second project to emerge from a team-up of TAG Heuer and Bamford — which is best known for its customization work with Rolex, Zenith, and Bulgari, among others — the watch represents the continuing synergy between the brands and their shared dedication to riffing on classic designs to produce something special for the market.

In this piece, the familiar Aquaracer design is enhanced with some distinctly Bamford twists. The case of the watch is produced from grade 2 titanium and has a sandblasted finish that elevates it from TAG Heuer’s traditional steel offerings in the collection. The material makes for an ultra-lightweight watch with an uncommonly rugged appearance. The lugs are slightly angled and faceted on their edges, making contact with a matching three-link titanium bracelet to secure the watch to the wrist. On the right side are two small guards, while a signed, screw-down crown sits tightly in between them. Surrounding the dial is the thickly toothed, unidirectional bezel complete with a 60-minute diving scale and topped with an inverted orange triangle.

Underneath the flat sapphire crystal of the new Swiss movement TAG Heuer replica watch, we find the Bamford-modified black dial, with white and orange accents throughout. The dial as a whole has a matte surface and is textured with concentric rings, starting from its center to edges, while a curved outer ring of orange lines surrounds it. A chronograph-style white minute track is accented at each hour with applied rhodium-plated rectangular indices, while a prominent white date window, magnified via a cyclops window on the sapphire crystal above. is found at the 3 o’clock position. Directly below 12 o’clock is a white printed TAG Heuer logo; above 6 o’clock is a smaller Bamford logo and some of the watch’s descriptors. Thin white crosshairs meet at the dial’s center, where the orange, lume-filled sword hour and minute hands and thin gray seconds hands are located.

On the reverse side of the aaa quality copy TAG Heuer Aquaracer Bamford is a specially engraved scuba diver image, along with the text “One of 1,500” indicating the watch’s limited run. Inside the 300-meter water resistant case ticks a TAG Heuer Calibre 5 Automatic movement, with a frequency of 28,800 vph and a power reserve of 38 hours.

The Aquaracer Bamford watch will be limited to 1,500 pieces and is available now, directly through TAG Heuer replica and Bamford Watch Department, as well as via TAG Heuer authorized dealers. Pricing for the English market stands at £3,250 while pricing for the American market is placed at $3,900.

Complexity Made Simple With The IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar 42 Boutique Edition UK

Just as perfect IWC replica overhauled their Pilot’s collection in 2019, this year is all about the Portugieser collection for the Schaffhausen-based brand. While there are more than a dozen new references within the 2020 lineup, there’s one particular piece that not only captures the new direction of the collection but also encapsulates what IWC does so well as a watchmaker. We’re talking, of course, about the IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar 42 Boutique Edition, a watch that is both thoughtfully designed and offers a nod to the game-changing work that Kurt Klaus did on perpetual calendar calibers at IWC in the 1980s.

This latest expression of the calendar watch features a 42mm case made from 5N gold, which is as warmly toned as it is resistant to wear. The attractive looks are supplemented with the reassuring physical heft of strapping a large gold watch onto your wrist. Despite the head-scratching complexity of the Caliber 82650 powering this watch, the case sits a hair under 14mm off your wrist, which is comfortable and balanced. Another engineering feat that Swiss made fake IWC has achieved is that the entire calendar can be set via the crown instead of by the recessed pushers often found on the cases of calendar watches. It’s an elegantly simple solution to a fiendishly tricky complication.

Blue Dial Fake IWC Portugieser Perpetual Calendar Watch

The blue dial of the watch is lustrous, featuring a sunburst finish that plays with the light and contrasts well with the 5N gold case. The particular shade of dark blue also serves as the perfect twilight backdrop to the moonphase, which is a key part of the 1:1 cheap replica IWC Perpetual Calendar design.

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Carbon is a material that has got increasingly more traction in the watch world, especially in recent years. While it is still not a common material, in part due to its specific production process, it offers significant advantages and adds a very distinct look to a watch. This is also the case with the recently introduced Defy Classic Carbon. One of the reasons that perfect Zenith replica took this step was the lightness of carbon fiber. The Defy Classic Carbon, with an integrated carbon fiber bracelet, weighs a mere 65 grams. This is already half the weight of the same Defy made from titanium, another material known for being relatively light.

The male replica watch is made from carbon.
Carbon Replica Zenith Defy Watch

The challenge in making a carbon fiber watch is not only in crafting the material itself, which requires both very high temperatures as well as a significant amount of pressure but also in machining it afterward. Swiss made fake Zenith has succeeded in not only crafting the case of the quality fake Defy Classic Carbon from this material but the bracelet as well. In particular, this is a tour de force because not only is there the painstaking process of milling each bracelet segment, they also need to be connected in a way that rigidity and durability is ensured. This is why bracelets made fully from carbon fiber are especially rare. This makes it that while Zenith is also offering Defy Classic Carbon on a rubber strap, the bracelet version takes it to an even higher level.

Fake Zenith Defy Watch For Men

While its lightness and durability make carbon fiber a desirable material, its ‘camouflage’-look with monochrome tones make it also a visual treat. Here the bracelet version also has the advantage as it extends this look all around the wrist. Both watches boast the skeletonized Elite 670 SK manufacture movement. This caliber can be admired from the front and the back, as it is fitted with an open-worked dial and on either side a sapphire crystal. The term tool-watch comes to mind, as this cheap replica Zenith watch is not only light and robust but also water-resistant up to 10 ATM/100 meters. One thing that is for sure is that the Defy Classic Carbon, in either of the two versions, is especially carbon cool.

Two Swiss Movement Replica Watches UK With High Quality For Men

More recently, manufacturers have went beyond just making luxury sports replica watches. In this month alone, we have seen two manufacturers launching luxury sports watches with the chronograph function. Perhaps this is the organic way of growing the collection – first with the base model to test the receptiveness, before moving on with more interesting variants and complications.

So, what are some of the options available in the market? What are the ones that are possibly worth a double take? Let us find out!
Steel Bracelet Fake Bell & Ross BR 05 Chronograph

The first watch in this article today comes from the latest novelty that was launched by Bell & Ross earlier this week. Cue the BR-05 Chronograph.

The BR05 Chronograph is an extension of the sports collection, which was only launched last year. The new BR05 Chronograph is a rather handsome watch, with a bi-compax layout that allows the watch to retain both the “12” and “6” Arabic numeral indices. It is perhaps a reference to the 1970s styling, but we reckon this one works rather nicely on this timepiece.

Powering the timepiece is the BR-CAL.301 movement, a staple in the Bell & Ross family. It is based on the ETA 2894-2 movement, with an additional chronograph module. The self-winding movement features an additional date display at the 4:30 position, and it has a power reserve of around 42 hours.

The 40mm copy Bell & Ross BR05 Chronograph is priced at S$9,500 for the variant with the integrated bracelet. It is available either in blue or black dial variants. Overall, the BR05 Chronograph is a compelling timepiece and quite frankly, it offers tremendous value considering its complication and the competition within the genre of luxury sports watches.
Brown Dial Replica H. Moser & Cie. Chronograph

The Streamliner, launched earlier in January this year, is the latest timepiece to join the H. Moser & Cie.’s repertoire. Drawing inspiration from the 1970s, the organic-looking timepiece features a curvaceous case with an integrated bracelet. The watch is also fitted with a clean looking dial, but with the brand’s signature fumé and an additional griffé (French for clawed, or scratched) treatment to it. The end result is amazing, and it provides a visual treat to the collector. We also like the white and minute tracks on the peripherals of the dial, which accentuates the design cues of the 1970s.

Notably, the watch is powered by the Calibre HMC 902 – a movement that is co-developed with Agenhor. The self-winding movement has a power reserve of around 54 hours, and the winding rotor is fitted between the dial and the movement. This allows the user the pleasure to view the movement in full glory from the exhibition case back. The latter is certainly important, considering that the HMC 902 is a well-finished movement with all standard haute horlogerie elements ticked off as “well done”.

The 42.3mm H. Moser Streamliner is priced at S$60,700. The watch has a great design, and the movement is equally compelling as well. This is definitely worth a consideration if one is looking for a solid and bold timepiece that stands out in a crowd.

Watch Review: UK Swiss Luxury Fake A. Lange & Söhne Zeitwerk Striking Time

Easily the quirkiest and most entertaining-to-describe watch collection produced by German A. Lange & Söhne replica is the Zeitwerk. Originally debuted about a decade ago, the Zeitwerk collection is typified by its digital hour and digital minute display for the time, along with a traditional analog subsidiary seconds dial and power reserve indicator. The overall design of the watch is inspired by an historic “digital clock” in Dresden’s opera house that was developed in collaboration with the founder of the brand in the 19th century. A. Lange & Söhne watchmakers and movement engineers have clearly had a fun time with the Zeitwerk, which is now its own family of watches within the Saxon brand. What I think no one originally expected was for this more “modern-looking” collection from the otherwise highly traditional brand to be an area in which A. Lange & Söhne experiments with musical (chiming) watches.

Today, I take an in-depth look at the rose gold case fake A. Lange & Sohne Zeitwerk Striking Time — which is a $100,000-plus timepiece that melodically chimes once every 15 minutes, acting as a “quarter-striker” (in the classical parlance). This function can be turned on or off and is a less common chiming function alongside the more common minute repeater. A. Lange & Sohne does, indeed, make minute repeater versions of the Zeitwerk — as well as other “strikers” that are a different breed (such as the Zeitwerk Decimal Strike). The complexity in explaining these watches overall and nuances that make these various models distinct from one another puts this assortment of watches into a basket that I will refer as being for “seasoned collectors and timepiece experts only.”
Let’s reflect on this concept for a moment. There is a tendency for well-funded novice watch collectors to go online, reference a handful of “top 10 lists” and reviews about the “best watches,” and then proceed to make a purchase not ultimately understanding or appreciating what they are buying. This is sometimes unfortunate because the road to understanding many fine timepieces is not one of merely earning enough money, but rather of being educated enough to appreciate the art form and engineering behind it. In other words, no one really understands what makes the Zeitwerk Strikng Time a fascinating machine or complex timepiece unless they have spent years being exposed to the topic of horology.

That said, put a Zeitwerk Striking Time watch into the hands of a novice watch enthusiast and they will no doubt be impressed. The weighty solid gold case, handsome dial, and gorgeous hand-decorated and -assembled movement are thrilling for anyone to experience. To understand how an A. Lange & Söhne copy watch with Swiss mechanical movement feels different compared to lesser ones, to fathom the interesting complexity of the movement (such as the constant force mechanism), and to appreciate the many hours of decoration and craft that go into each watch is a level of culture that cannot be purchased — but only earned.
So, here is my summary of the Zeitwerk Striking. It is not only designed and intended by A. Lange & Söhne almost exclusively for watch lovers who have experienced so many other fine timepieces before it, but it also inscribes that forming the desire to actually get one can be seen as a true measure of one’s status as an educated watch collector.
That isn’t to say all seasoned watch collectors will ultimately form a desire for a watch like this. While appreciating the craft that goes into designing and producing a watch of this nature is something pretty much anyone can do, it has a niche appeal that gives the Lange Zeitwerk Striking Time a very special flavor. I really enjoy wearing this watch, yet I can’t articulate one reason why anyone actually needs it. At its best, this and any other Zeitwerk is a discreet pleasure to enjoyed privately by the wearer as they go about their day.
To form love and not just respect for the Zeitwerk Striking, one must be the type of person who has the utmost interest in the smallest details. A perfect example is the deep, sumptuous sound of the small hand-polished hammer as it strikes upon the hand-tuned circular gong — visible through the front of the dial. The sound — like a small bell — resonates and charms the ear despite being just one chime coming from a wristwatch mechanism. If this sound were less appealing, this watch would not be nearly as compelling.

Let me continue on the topic of sound for a moment. I truly wish to emphasize how important this is to the appeal of this timepiece. The striking hammer against the gongs produces an impressively loud sound with a slightly different (deeper) chime at the top of the hour and a slightly higher-pitched sound at each 15 minute interval. The quality of the sound is key since there are few practical reasons why anyone these days would need to be aware of such information. That said, once you have this little mechanical companion “sounding the bell” each quarter-hour, you can easily become lonely without it.
Another fantastic sound that emits from the case happens each time the time changes. Among the most complicated features the Zeitwerk is able to accomplish is using power stored from the movement to move the relatively heavy discs that tell the time. The watch has three large sets of discs. The sound the watch makes as the overlapping minute discs slide over one another is actually quite pleasant. It is a soft, sliding sound, and at least when I hear it, the sound makes me very definitely smile.

Speaking of power consumption, the in-house-made brown leather strap copy A. Lange & Söhne caliber L043.2 manually wound mechanical engine is trying to accomplish at lot at the same time. In more recent years, subsequent Zeitwerk watches have been able to crank out a bit more power reserve, but in general, the Zeitwerk is a really power-hungry watch. Event operating at 18,000 bph, the L043.2 has but 36 hours of power reserve. Having a power reserve indicator on the dial is an important help, but you will need to wind the watch daily. What I love about winding the watch is how solid it feels. Even though this and other A. Lange & Sohne movements are small enough to sit on your wrist, they have a “heavy, solid” feeling to them that can make other timepiece movements feel flimsy by comparison.
That A. Lange & Sohne continues to be a brand focused solidly on enthusiasts and not the mainstream is a fact collectors like. It is also based on a core value of the brand’s team: “Build something great and the right people will discover it.” That works to a degree for brands trying to grow, and much better for brands with a solid reputation around the world, as long as there are talkative watch enthusiasts like me willing to spread the gospel of good watches. A. Lange & Söhne will continue to stroll around quietly… while carrying a big stick.

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Swiss fake watches are more welcome than the other knockoff wrist watches because they have authentic styles and high quality. Here, I’m glad to share you the best watch fake Hublot Big Bang 361.SL.6010.LR.1907.

The stainless steel copy watch has blue strap.
Stainless Steel Copy Hublot Big Bang 361.SL.6010.LR.1907 Watch

The forever copy watch is designed for female wearer. The diameter is 38 mm. Relatively speaking, the size is little larger than common female watches, but it can be superb accessory for its true master.

The silvery dial fake watch has blue sapphires.
Fake Hublot Big Bang 361.SL.6010.LR.1907 Watch With Blue Sapphires

Females have many accessories to wear. The quality watch replica Hublot is equipped with quartz movement HUB 2900 that is preciser and stabler. Even you do not wear the watch for a long time, it can still keep running accurately.

Introduction Of Quality Replica Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26331OR.OO.D315CR.01 Watch UK


Audemars Piguet is one of the most luxury watch brands in the world, which was established in 1875 by Jules-Louis Audemars and Edward-Auguste Piguet. “To break the rules, you must first master them” is the tenet of Audemars Piguet. Royal Oak is one of its most basic and popular series.

The blue dial copy watch has blue strap.
Blue Dial Copy Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26331OR.OO.D315CR.01 Watch

Here, I’d like to introduce the perfect watch fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26331OR.OO.D315CR.01.

Case: The case applies polished 18k rose gold that is sturdy and has charming gloss.

Bezel: The bezel also applies polished 18k rose gold and set with 8 crowns. Besides, the bezel features octagon shape that is the typical feature of this watch brand.

The 18k rose gold fake watch is designed for men.
Blue Strap Fake Audemars Piguet Royal Oak 26331OR.OO.D315CR.01 Watch

Strap: The strap applies blue alligator leather and it is made by human hand.

Dial: The dial in blue is decorated with “Grande Tapisserie”. Together, it features 18k rose gold hour marks and hands covered with luminant coating, small date window and three rose gold chronograph sub-dials.

Movement: Caliber 2385 in 5.5 mm is made up from 304 parts and can supply of 40 hours power reserve.